Taxicab Accessibility in Toronto

On any given day, wheelchair users face substantial challenges accessing accessible, affordable on-demand taxicab service. Here are some challenges:

  • Limited service in the evenings
  • Limited transportation options in emergencies
  • Limited access to employment
  • Limited independence
  • Limited options during inclement weather

It doesn't have to be this way.

Right now, the Municipal Licenscing and Standards Committee which is overseeing the Toronto Taxi Industry Review

Two main solutions are proposed:

SOLUTION 1: Mandate brokers to provide equitable, affordable and accessible on demand taxi service to ALL within the City of Toronto.

SOLUTION 2: Extend disability awareness training to all taxi drivers regardless of type of cab to assure customer service standards are met.

You can read SCI Ontario's new written submission, A Fair and Equitable Accessible Taxi Service in the City of Toronto.