TTC Accessibility Toronto Election 2014

SCI Ontario is leading a Toronto Mayoral Elections Campaign on TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) Accessibility and we need your help in convincing the mayoral candidates and the TTC that making every Subway/RT stop wheelchair accessible is the responsible thing to do.

In 1990 the TTC set a goal to make all subway stations accessible. Eventually the TTC committed to full station accessibility by 2020. Subsequently it introduced a new "target" of 2024. Three years ago, the TTC revealed it would only achieve subway/RT accessibility by 2025, the year mandated by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005).

Sadly, this spring the TTC reneged on its commitment to full accessibility. The TTC revealed it intends to contravene the law. It has no intention of making all stations accessible. Its current plan leaves 17 stations inaccessible in 2025, and provides no commitment that these stations will ever be accessible. After 35 years the job will not be done.

How do you feel about this? Why is it so easy for a government-funded organization to plan to break the law? Why do I matter less because I or my loved ones can’t walk down a flight of stairs?

Here is what you can do.

  1. participate in our letter writing campaign and make your voice heard. It only takes 1 minute.
  2. ask  your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours to take one minute to support our letter writing campaign (see links at the bottom of this page).
  3. Meet with your local councilor or candidates and discuss TTC Accessibility.  Find out who to speak to in your community here
  4. There are over 30 All Mayoral Candidates Debates scheduled across Toronto over the next 2 months.  Plan to attend the one closest to you and voice your opinion on TTC Accessibility

For more information on this issue, please read our TTC Subway/RT Station Accessibility Backgrounder.

If you require any assistance in getting more involved, contact Peter Athanasopoulos.