Election day in Ontario is June 7, 2018

You are in a powerful position to inspire important change in this province. Leading up to Election Day, you can highlight critical issues and encourage candidates to weigh in on what matters to us all – an equitable and accessible province. And we're here to help.

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario (SCIO) has led the way to profound change for more than 70 years and is still fiercely committed to our vision: People with spinal cord injuries living the life they choose in a fully inclusive Ontario.

Canadians with Disabilities Act

Thank you for your participation in this campaign. We continue to work with our partnters and the federal government to enact a Canadians for Disabilities Act. We'll be in touch in the new year with further activities to achieve our goal.

Under the leadership of Barrier Free Canada, Spinal Cord Injury Ontario is supporting a campaign to encourage the new Federal Government to enact a Canadians with Disabilities Act.

Ottawa 2014 Budget: Substantially Increase Para Transpo's Operational Budget!

Be it going to work and medical appointments, or reducing social isolation, Para Transpo is an essential service to many Ottawans with disabilities.

But between September 2012 and September 2013, over 80,000 ride requests could not be accommodated.

This needs to change - beginning with the upcoming budget!

On November 20th, the Transit Commission will meet to hear delegations and pass a budget for OC Transpo and Para Transpo.

Taxicab Accessibility in Toronto

On any given day, wheelchair users face substantial challenges accessing accessible, affordable on-demand taxicab service. Here are some challenges:

  • Limited service in the evenings
  • Limited transportation options in emergencies
  • Limited access to employment
  • Limited independence
  • Limited options during inclement weather

It doesn't have to be this way.

Gas Station Accessibility

In recent years motorists with physical disabilities will have noticed the shrinking number of full-serve gas stations, making it increasingly difficult to find an attendant to top up the tank, check critical fluid levels under the hood and tire pressures. These services are so crucial for persons with disabilities in maintaining their independence in transportation, particularly in out-of-town locations. Well, some improvements in obtaining full-service gasoline even from self-serve outlets may be on the way.

Expand Attendant Services

We have much to celebrate regarding attendant services. In 2014, the provincial government announced $5 million for the self-adminstered Direct Funding program, as well as an additional $5 million over three years. In addition, several Local Health Integration Networks - regional health services planning bodies - have announed substantial increases to Outreach attendant services.