RESPONSE - Ontario Liberal Party - Election 2014

This is the response of the Ontario Liberal Party to the 2014 Election All-Party Survey of the Provincial Attendant Services Advisory Committee:

Questionnaire Response: Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

If elected, what will your party do to address waitlists and expand Attendant Outreach Services to those who need them, regardless of age?

Ontario Liberals are committed to a robust home and community care sector as part of our health care system. We are focused both on increasing the capacity of the home and community care sector and building in the appropriate flexibility so that the client is at the centre of the system.

As you note in your letter, our government has made recent investments in attendant services, including $1.7million for the Direct Funding Program, $1.4 million for Attendant Outreach Services in the Toronto Central LHIN and $5 million for the self-administered direct funding program.

Most recently, our government’s expansion of the Direct Funding Program will provide direct funding to approximately 1,000 Ontarians with physical disabilities by 2016. In 2013-14, our government supported Direct Funding with a commitment of $31.5 million. As noted above, this investment is a part of a larger shift to the community through our Action Plan for Health Care.

In our 2014 Budget, we committed to increasing investment in the community sector by $270 million. By 2016-17, this invest ment would total $750 million. As part of this increase, our budget commits to providing faster, more appropriate flexible care at home, providingbetter value for our precious health care dollars while relieving pressure on other parts of the health care system.

If we form the next government, we would continue to prioritize the home and community sector as a growth area in our health care system. We would commit to working with the Provincial Attendant Services Advisory Committee, its members and their clients, in order to equip this sector with the resources and tools it requires to deliver the right care, at the right time, in the right place.