Attendant Services: Niagara Falls and Thornhill By-Election Candidates Surveyed On Their Views

Voters in the ridings of Niagara Falls and Thornhill go to the polls on February 13th.

We at Spinal Cord Injury Ontario - and our partners and supporters - asked the candidates' to share thier veiws on attendant services:

Attendants enable consumers with physical disabilities to live in the community with optimal health and inclusion.

Outreach services are supplied by agencies that hire attendants on behalf of people with disabilities. The agencies oversee administration-related details for the services delivered.

Assistive Living Services are also supplied by agencies but in a supportive housing environment where many clients receiving these services live in their own, separate homes.

The Direct Funding program provides people with disabilities with funds to hire and train their attendants, as well as oversee administration-related details for the services they receive.

NOTE: Community Care Access Centres contract out to attendant service providers – but many CCACs do not provide as wide a range of services such as bladder and bowel care

A survey and backgrounder has been sent to candidates of the major parties. Responses were due by Wednesday, February 5th.

Other responses are posted as they are received.

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