ELECTION 2014 - Parties Reply to Survey on Access to Attendant Outreach Services!

2 June 2014

We are pleased that all parties in the Legislative Assembly - the Ontario Liberal Party, the Progressive Conservative Party, and the Ontario New Democratic Party of Ontario - have replied to our survey.

Responses are below.

TORONTO - 14 May 2014

Today, the Provincial Attendant Services Advisory Committee launched its election ask of the three parties in the legislature:

If elected, what will your party do to address waitlists for community-based Personal Support Worker services such as Attendant Outreach Services to those who need them, regardless of age?”

"Attendant Outreach Services are essential for many Ontarians with physical disabilities, regardless of age," says Peter Athanasopoulos, Co-Chair of the Provincial Attendant Services Advisory Committee, which provides best advice to government and other partners on consumer-directed, community-based supports rooted in the Independent Living philosophy. "We've seen some investments in the Community Support Services sector in recent years, and we need to do more".

Attendant Outreach Services increase quality of life for consumers - and are cost-effective. "Attendant Outreach Services reduce secondary complications and related visits to Emergency Departments - and that's jusy one of the ways Attendant Outreach Services reduce costs to the health care system," Athanasopoulos notes. "With approximately 5000 Ontarians waiting for appropriate community based services, we look forward to hearing the views of the Ontario Liberal Party, the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, and the Ontario New Democratic Party".

For the individual letters sent to each of the parties, which outline previous commitments made on this issue, see below:

Ontario Liberal Party 

RESPONSE - Ontario Liberal Party

Ontario Progressive Conservative Party

RESPONSE - Ontario Progressive Conservative Party

Ontario New Democratic Party

RESPONSE - Ontario New Democratic Party

Voters go to the polls on June 12th.

For more information on how to vote, visit Elections Ontario at www.wemakevotingeasy.ca.

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Peter Athanasopoulos

Co-Chair, Provincial Attendant Services Advisory Committee

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

1.877.422.1112 Ext. 260

petera (at) sciontario.org

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