Individual Candidates Offer Views on #attendantservices4all via Twitter!

To find out where the parties stand on the following question:

If elected, what will your party do to address waitlists for community-based Personal Support Worker services such as Attendant Outreach Services to those who need them, regardless of age?”

go here.

In the meantime, we have asked individual candidates of the Ontario Liberal Party, the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, and the New Democratic Party the following question on Twitter:


If elected what will you do in leg 2 support #attendantservices4all Party responses 2 @SCI_Ontario 

In particular, we wanted to know what candidates would do in addition to their party platforms. We asked follow up questions - and in some cases, received responses.

Those candidates without Twitter accounts were contacted via email to give them the opportunity to respond.

You can find their responses to date (June 10th) here.

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