Post-Election Update: MPPs Heard #attendantservices4all

With the Ontario 2014 election now at a close - and a new Liberal majority at Queens Park - attendant services is an issue that new Members of Provincial Parliament will continue to hear about in the coming months.

Fresh off of the #attendantservices4all campaign whereby candidates of all three major parties (Liberal, Progressive Conservative and NDP) were asked to commit to Personal Support Worker services such as Attendant Outreach for all who need them, regardless of age, SCI Ontario's Public Policy Program will continue to stress the value of attendant services to quality of life for Ontarians with spinal cord injuries and others with physical disabilities - while also being cost-effective for taxpayers.

SCI Ontario's Public Policy Program extends its very best to the newly elected Members of Provincial Parliament, and its heartfelt thanks to all Ontarians who considered #attendantservices4all when they cast their ballot.

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