Olivia Chow's Position on TTC Accessibility

Response from Olivia Chow's Campaign in response to the campaign.

Dear Peter,

Thank you very much for your work. We really appreciate the work you are doing to further accessibility in our communities.

In an interview with the March of Dimes Olivia talked about several of her plans to make the city a place for all. Here is what Olivia said:

“I’d make it very clear that people, in wheelchairs or other people with disabilities, are valued and equal members of our community.”

Olivia is committed to an accessible city and services, and will invest to make things so.

“Accessible transit is something we’ve been working on for 15 years,"

Olivia said “as your new mayor, I’ll make sure it gets done. Unlike John Tory, I want to address the TTC’s backlog of repairs. Part of this backlog is Wheel-Trans.” New, fully accessible streetcars are rolling out but station accessibility needs to speed up. The slow pace of work can be improved by increasing investment. And importantly, Olivia will work to get the province back to paying its fair share of the services like they used to before 1998.

Finally, Olivia is committed to reestablishing the Disability Improvements Committee at City Hall which was cut under Rob Ford. This committee is essential for city staff and councillors to work with community members, learn from them, implement programs and strategies, and provide accountability for accessibility across our city.

Beyond transit, Olivia's jobs plan will make jobs for underemployed people in our communities like those living with disabilities. Her pedestrian safety plan will make it easier and much safer for people around the city to walk around. Her affordable housing plan will provide accessible housing options to those in need. Her small business and entrepreneur programs will help support people with disabilities who want to start their own businesses. And her plans to address student nutrition, after-school recreation and care programs will make it better for children who have disabilities to access services and fun programs to enrich their lives and experiences.

Thank you for choosing a better city and I hope we can count on your support on election day.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you have.




Brian Chang

Policy Communications Coordinator


Olivia Chow Campaign


1365 Yonge Street

Toronto, ON M4T 2P7


437 888 1275

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