Continuing to Make Progress:

Thank You!
The Ontario SCI Solutions Alliance would like to thank you for participating in our province-wide survey. We are extremely excited about the progress we are making to informfuture directionthe Alliance will take, specifically in the areas of primary care, neuropathic pain, pressure sores, and bladder management.

If you have yet to complete the Alliance survey, please consider participating as each and every person’s opinion is equally important in shaping future decisions the Alliance will make in regards to practice strategies and supports for Ontarians living with SCI. Please visit the link below and complete the survey by February 2nd, 2018.

We are happy to announce that we have secured the date for our Ontario SCI Solutions Alliance Retreat. The Retreat will be taking place on Friday April 13th from 10:00am-6:00pm at the Hart House (located at the University of Toronto). Retreat objectives include the presentation and discussion of our Alliance survey results in order for Alliance members to collaboratively structure our strategic plan for strategies and supports to support Ontarians living with SCI over the next three years.

MORE Good News!
We continue to expand our Family Physicians Network with 16 family doctors already signed up in support of people with spinal cord injuries across Ontario. On March 27th, we are planning to host a webcast where family doctors will share best practices. Be sure to sign up when communications are out!

Our efforts continue to aim towards bringing equity across the province, through the provision of accessible health care for all Ontarians. Spinal Cord Injury Ontario and its partners had a successful meeting with the Ministry of Health on January 24th. Discussions from the meeting were extremely promising as we are expecting to address and resolve systemic barriers to accessing primary care, as well as improving overall accessible health care in the spinal cord sector.