How to vote-Advance Polls Open!

Advance Polls open on Saturday, May 26.

Election Day is June 7, 2018 but there are many ways to vote in a general election.You can choose the option that works best for you.

  • You can vote in person before election day at your returning office from May 10 until June 6 at 6 P.M. (Eastern Time)
  • You can vote in person before election day at an advance voting location from May 26 to May 30
  • You can vote in person on election day on June 7
  • And, you can vote by special ballot, either in person, by mail, or by home visit 

Advance voting will be available from tomorrow, May 26 to May 30, from 10:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. at area advance voting locations in your electoral district, and from May 26 to June 1, from 10:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. at your returning office.

Accessible Voting

We are committed to removing voting barriers faced by Ontarians with disabilities and to making the electoral process more accessible for all voters. Services for accessible voting include assistive voting technology, assistance at the polls, and voting by mail, home visit or in the hospital.

All voting locations meet Elections Ontario's Site Accessibility Standards. For the 2018 General Election, you can contact your returning office to learn more about the accessibility of your voting location. Contact information for your returning office will be available through our Voter Information Service.

If you require information in an alternative format, we will work with you to understand and meet your specific accessibility needs. Please contact us to request an alternative format: Phone: 1-888-668-8683 TTY: 1-888-292-2312 Email:

Elections Ontario’s commitment to accessible voting

Accessible services for voters at voting locations

We also provide the following accessible services at all our voting locations:

  1. Election officials can bring the ballot outside the voting location to make the process more accessible.
  2. Voters can request a transfer to another voting location that better meets their accessibility needs. The request must be made before election day at the returning office.
  3. Voters may bring a friend or support person to assist with marking their ballot.
  4. Voters may use their mobile phones as an accessibility device. 
  5. We provide magnifiers.
  6. We provide ballot templates with Braille numbering and cut outs.
  7. Voters may book an American Sign Language Interpreter or Intervenor through the Canadian Hearing Society or the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. Elections Ontario will cover the cost.
  8. Service animals are permitted in returning offices, satellite offices and in voting locations, unless excluded by law.
  9. All our voting locations meet our Site Accessibility Standards.
  10. And, we teach our election officials how to provide customer service in an accessible manner. 

Vote by home visit

You can choose to request a home visit if:

  • you are unable to go to the returning office because of a disability,
  • you are unable to read or write,
  • you are unable to complete an application form, and/or
  • you are someone who requires assistance. 

To request a home visit, contact your returning office. You can find returning office information on your Voter Information Card, by using our Voter Information Service or by contacting us.

Two election officials will then bring an application form and a blank write-in ballot to your home to assist you in voting.

For more information please visit Election Ontario at link