Toronto: Present to City Hall on Taxi Accessibility on Thursday, January 23rd!

Dear supporter:

Thank you for all your work to support SCI Ontario's campaign for increased taxicab accessibility in the City of Toronto.

We are asking the City to mandate 10-minute, on-demand service.

This is fair - and achievable. You can read our submission to the Toronto Taxi Industry Review here.

If you have supported our position by writing the Deputy Mayor, the Municipal Licensing and Standards Committee and your City Councillor, thank you!

January 20th - FREE LIVE Public Policy Summit Webinar on Attendant Services

Are you a consumer who uses attendant services, or a loved one of someone who does?

Do you work in the health field and want to find out more about the integral role attendants play in promoting health and community participation?

Are you a policy maker with an interest in the community sector of healthcare?

If so, you are invited to attend a LIVE Public Policy Summit Webinar - FREE!

The keynote speaker is His Honour, David C. Onley, Leutentant Governor of the Province of Ontario.

Champlain SCI Solutions Alliance To Ottawa Transit Commission: Substantially Increase Para Transpo’s Operations Budget For 2014

OTTAWA – 13 November 2013 – One week from today, on Wednesday November 20th, the City of Ottawa’s Transit Commission will meet to pass the 2014 budget for both OC Transpo and Para Transpo. People with physical disabilities are calling for a substantial increase to Para Transpo’s operational budget beyond what is currently proposed because the present situation is not acceptable.

Between September 2012 and September 2013, over 80,000 ride requests could not be accommodated according to the City’s own estimates.

Taxicab Accessibility - An Open Letter to Our Fellow Torontonians

Everyone -- including people with disabilities, seniors, and families -- deserves equitable access to taxicabs in the Greater Toronto Area. In truth, we are perplexed that the Toronto Taxi Alliance does not share this view and are surprised by the recent public campaign to urge people to oppose making taxis accessible in a timely fashion.


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