Ontario SCI Research Network

With the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, the Canadian Spinal Research Association and the Ontario Spinal Cord Injury Solutions Alliance, SCI Ontario has been a key partner in the recently-launched Ontario SCI Research Network.

By leveraging existing capacity and expertise, the Network will better link consumers with research initiatives, and faciliate the identification and implementation of best practices that improve quality of life.

From the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation:

Ontario Spinal Cord Injury Research Network (OSCIRN)

In order to improve care for people with spinal cord injury (SCI), we must first re-examine current practices to determine which are effective, and secondly develop new treatments and management approaches and test their ability to provide cost-effective improvements in quality of life.

This is best accomplished by combining the intellectual, clinical, and research resources of different clinical research centres throughout the province. The goal is to improve the evidence-base upon which clinical practice and health policy is established.

OSCIRN was developed by ONF to support SCI research along the continuum of care

OSCIRN is a collaborative network of clinicians and scientists, from five Academic Health Science Centres in the province of Ontario, working together to facilitate multi-centre clinical research on topics related to pre-hospital care, acute treatment, rehabilitation, primary care and community re-integration of individuals with a spinal cord injury.

The network provides an opportunity for diverse groups to share intellectual and physical resources, benefit from infrastructural supports such as an informatics platform and centralized, web-based, multi-centre study management, and introduce cost-effeciencies in the conduct of multi-site collaborations.

The Network’s mandate is:

  1. Translational research across the continuum of care
  2. Integrated knowledge translation and implementation
  3. Integrated health economics
  4. Provision for investigator and industry driven research
  5. Attract cutting-edge research to Ontario