Peer Activist Training

Peer Activist Training is a membership benefit of Spinal Cord Injury Ontario.  This training is designed to provide you with tools, skills, and confidence around advocating for better supports, services, and policies that affect the quality of life of people with spinal cord injuries (SCI) and other physical disabilities.  As a peer activist, you will have a direct relationship with Spinal Cord Injury Ontario’s Public Policy Program. This relationship enables you to receive information about Spinal Cord Injury Ontario’s advocacy priorities and offer opportunities to participate in processes that create systemic improvements to health outcomes and accessibility for people with SCI and other physical disabilities in Ontario. 

As a peer activist member, join us in program activities that include:

  • Engaging your Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP)
  • Participating in campaigns
  • Attending meetings with decision makers
  • Supporting social media efforts that communicate specific goals and outcomes for people with SCI and other physical disabilities.  
  • Your best advice around applied research to practice

We encourage you to choose the level of involvement in the campaigns and priorities that matter to you.  This is a tool created just for you, so that you can go and meet with decision makers and have your voice heard.

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Terms and Conditions of this Training Resource

  1. As a Peer Activist, I agree that when advocating, I am speaking on behalf of myself as part of a larger community of individuals with disabilities.
  2. I agree, that I am not authorized to speak on behalf of Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, and will not issue any statement explicitly or implicitly on behalf of Spinal Cord Injury Ontario. Authority to speak on behalf of Spinal Cord Injury Ontario must be approved by the Chief Executive Officer of Spinal Cord Injury Ontario.
By clicking this box, it means that you read, understand, and will respect the terms and conditions above.